Jim Bracher

Jim brings a unique and varied blend of skills and experience to ThePostArm. Starting out in the industry as a VT Operator, he began working at The Mill London during the late 2000s, where he gained experience in arguably one of the world’s most successful environments at that time. His need for an artistic outlet drew him to Colour, firstly assisting and later working alongside some of the most highly regarded Colour specialists in the industry. Jim has a deep knowledge of the craft to take advantage of.

Drawing from an eclectic mix of influences and inspirations, as a professional musician, he has toured internationally playing to five-figure audiences and performing at Glastonbury and many other major festivals around the world. He is also a talented artist. He specialised in graphic design academically, and now finds an outlet through public murals and street typography.

All of this informs Jim’s open-minded approach to his work. He draws parallels between performing a gig and working a room full of clients, or the colour composition of a graffiti piece and a fashion commercial. It’s all connected creativity and allows Jim to turn his hand confidently to any brief. This is reflected in his stylistically varied work.